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Vatican II / Fr. Nowak Years

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The Second Vatican Council

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Fr Louis Nowak, George Bleskan, my sister Mary Alice McFarlane, Bill VanRossem and Don Amys in 1964.

Fr Louis Nowak, George Bleskan, Mary Alice McFarlane, Bill VanRossem and Don Amys in 1964. (Click on image to enlarge it.)


With the coming of the Second Vatican Council in 1962, changes began in the liturgical practices of the church, resulting in the laity’s growing role in the parish. These changes have led to a variety of lay ministries.

Fr. Louis Nowak who was appointed pastor following the death of Fr. Kubelbeck in 1962, implemented many of the changes promulgated by the council.

School Physical Fitness Program Begins

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In compliance with the request of President Kennedy, a physical fitness program for all grades was initiated in 1963 at the school (conducted by each teacher during the regular recess period.)

Introduction of the Vernacular

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The first Mass with limited use of English took place in the parish on Sunday, June 21, 1964. The entire celebration of the Mass in English occurred on the first Sunday of Advent, November 29, 1964. Superior was the first diocese in the United States to allow the “Ordinary” parts of the Mass to be celebrated in English. Bishop Hammes had a reputation for his enthusiastic implementation of Vatican II directives.

Parent Teacher Cooperation in the School

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Sr Johnetta’s 25th Anniversary as a religious sister (1964)–submitted by Nancy Venne.

In a letter to parents, Sister M. Johnetta, school principal writes,

“The late Holy Father, Pope Pius XII, once told a group of parents that “it was their duty from the cradle to begin the education of their children in soul as well as in body. For if you do not educate your children, they will begin, for good or ill, to educate themselves.”

Sr. Johnetta continues,

“If the school is to function satisfactorily, it needs your complete cooperation and support. Each teacher realizes it is impossible to do her work without your fullest assistance and encouragement. As Christ reminded us that a ouse divided against itself cannot stand, so, too, the school can’t accomplish favorable results without your collaboration.”


Sr Johnetta & Bill VanRossem playing horseshoes 1964 (location unknown)--submitted by Nancy Venne.

Sr Johnetta & Bill VanRossem playing horseshoes 1964 (location unknown)–submitted by Nancy Venne.

FSPA who Taught at St. Anthony (1962-1969)

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Sister Diane Boehm
2010 Golden Jubilee
With gratitude and joy, I reflect back on the blessings of these past 50 years! I am thankful for my vocation and especially for the many spiritual, educational and other opportunities that I have had on my journey as a Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration. I am grateful for the support I have received from my FSPA community, my family, my friends and those I have worked with and served in my ministries throughout the years.

Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration

Johnetta McMullin, Josella Sobotta, Adelinda Foreman, Madeleva Antone

Johnetta McMullin, Josella Sobotta, Madeleva Antone

Johnetta McMullin, Josella Sobotta, Madeleva Antone,
Mary Gerard Deppe

Anice Hackman, Annunciata Koehler, Procopia Ruzicka, Clementine Schlosser, Mary Gerard Deppe

Mary Lee Boehm, Francilia Jordan, Mary Jude Gorski,
Donelda Wenzel

Mary Lee Boehm, Pelagia Mrozinski, Mary Jude Gorzki, Donelda Wenzel

Diane Boehm, Florence Griesmer, Francina Leibold,
Juliette Algaier

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who taught at St. Anthony (1925-1969)


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In May of 1966, Bishop Hammes established a DIocesan Commission for Ecumenical Affairs and named Fr. George Gleason as its chairman. Eight months later, in anticipation of Church Unity Octave week, January 18-25, Bishop Hammes issued a booklet on”Guidelines for Ecumenism” which offered norms for common worship and regulations for liturgical participation with protestants.