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The Depression and World War II

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Parish Life During the Depression

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Mildred Harriet and Sister Beatina (June 11, 1933)

Graduate Mildred Harriet and Sr. Beatina
June 11, 1933 (click on photo to enlarge)

During the depression most people were poor, many without jobs. It was a despairing time. Boys who graduated from St. Anthony school struggled to find work that could contribute to the family income. Although the years of the Depression were particularly hard on the parish, Father Kubelbeck was able to keep people’s spirit’s alive by ensuring that the parish remain open for devotions and the sacraments, and that money was available for needed renovations and maintenance.

Despite persistent economic problems, parish life was bright. Ss. Anthony and Margaret and the Belgium Club down the street were important centers of the Belgian’s social lives. Feasts were celebrated in all the richness of the Catholic tradition.

The first Friday of each month was regularly observed. Holy Mass was celebrate at 7:30 a.m. at which the senior and junior Sacred Heart League received Communion. The Holy Hour before the Blessed Sacrament was a favorite devotion held at various times (e.g., First Friday of the Month, Sunday afternoon or evening.) Lenten devotions were held three time a week. On Sunday and Friday the Stations of the Cross were said in common followed by Benediction with the Blessed Sacrament. On Wednesday the Rosary was recited which was followed by a sermon and Benediction.

May devotions were held daily after Mass except on Sunday and Wednesday. During the month of October, the rosary was recited daily during Mass.

Needed Renovations and Maintenance

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In 1928-29 the indefatigable Father Kubelebek once again took up the task of beautifying the interior and exterior of the church, as well as, making needed expansions. The old carpet was replaced by a beautifully varnished floor. The heating system of the school was connected with the church at the same time.


During the fall of 1931 the outside of the church was painted a silver gray. In the school hall, a stage was also built. In 1931, a pipe organ was installed in the church.


In 1934, a new garage began to be built, and repairs were made to the school roof. Because of a broken pipe, a new water line had to be laid the school building in November, 1935. The church was shingled, painted, and again kalsomined during the summer of 1937. At this time the rectory, was also painted. In the Sister’s living quarters, a gas range replaced the coal range.

FSPA who Taught at St. Anthony (1930-1945)

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Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration

Sr. Beatina and Sr. Henrita

Sr. Beatina and Sr. Henrita

Fernanda Becker, Adelphia Wurzer, Lucina Geriemann,
Doris Draxler, Henrita Wolfe, Nolaska Thibault

Basilla Miller, Odilia Budde, Lucina Geriemann,
Nolaska Thibault, Henrita Wolfe, Ignace Kuchar

Beatina Hilber, Lucina Geriemann, Nolaska Thibault,
Henrita Wolfe, Ignace Kuchar, Agnew Quigley

Beatina Hilber, Lucina Geriemann, Nolaska Thibault,
Henrita Wolfe, Ignace Kuchar, Agnew Quigley

Beatina Hilber, Assisi Froehlich, Gilberta Mulrine, Ignace Kuchar, Agnew Quigley

Beatina Hilber, Michaeline Peter, Assisi Froehlich, Agnew Quigley,
Euphemia VonDomelon

Beatina Hilber, Michaeline Peter, Assisi Froehlich, Mary Myron Stork,
Rosewitha LeMere, Mary Ronald Myers

Beatina Hilber, Assisi Froehlich, Mary Myron Stork, Rosewitha LeMere,
Mary Ronald Myers

Eloise Nees, Romilda Sauter, Mary Myron Stork, Rosewitha LeMere, LaVonne Abts

Eloise Nees, Mary Myron Stork, Rosewitha LeMere, LaVonne Abts,
Mary Vianney Bockman

Eloise Nees, Simona Lindner, Carlotta Hassel, LaVonne Abts, Marie Ann Blum

Eloise Nees, Michaeline Peters, Simona Lindner, LaVonne Abts,
Antolene Woltering

Eloise Nees, Michaeline Peters, Simona Lindner, LaVonne Abts,
Antolene Woltering

Adelinda Foreman, Michaeline Peters, Carmel Berghauser, Mabel Walsh,
Antolene Woltering, Agnesette Basteyns

Adelinda Foreman, Carmel Berghauser, Mabel Walsh, Antolene Woltering,
Agnesette Basteyns

View all years and names of FSPA Teachers
who taught at St. Anthony (1925-1969)

Emerging Technology: The Radio

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Through the kindness and generosity of Father Kubelbeck the children and teachers had the privilege of enjoying every Friday an hour of music appreciation given by “The Nation’s Music Teacher,” Walter Damrosch, over the radio. Damrosch hosted “The Music Appreciation Hour,” a popular series of radio lectures on classic music aimed at students. The show was broadcast during school hours, and teachers were provided with textbooks and worksheets by the National Broadcasting Network (NBC).

The students were also privileged to listen to His Holiness Pope Pius XI’s first radio message to the whole world on February 12, 1931. Pope Pius XI concluded the first line of the discourse with these words,

“Listen, O Heavens, to that which I say; listen, O Earth, listen to the words which come from my mouth…Listen and hear, O Peoples of distant lands!” He continued, speaking in the voice of the Old Testament prophet, “To the City and to the World!” These words, of course, were said in Latin. Read More

A Parishioner’s Earliest Memories

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photoBetty Heytens (b. 1931) and long-time parishioner of St. Anthony Church recalls her childhood growing up in the depression. Betty’s earliest memories were of her grandmother Nathalia Van Landschoot (who came from Belgium), a “hardworking soul” who not only raised her own nine children but also her granddaughter Betty. Nathalia’s youngest daughter was Erma (who later married Peter Gaynor). Erma was ten years older than Betty.

As the youngest in the family, Betty describes herself as spoiled, but “a good kid.” When her aunts an uncles would return from church and be talking about how strict Fr. Kubelbeck was, Betty would dress up with a blanket around her shoulders and pretend to be the priest.

Growing up Betty was a shy girl who enjoyed spending time alone with her cats. She would often go outside. The photo above shows Betty as a young girl picking daisies in the cow’s pasture. The photo below shows Betty next to a large fish which Tony Van Landschoot (Betty’s uncle who lived with her). Read more…

Explosion and Fire

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A fire on December 9, 1937 caused by an explosion of a watthour meter in the altar boys’ sacristy slightly damaged the walls and floor, burning thirteen cassocks and six surplices. All damages were paid by insurance.