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Establishment of the Belgian Club

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The Belgian Club was established in 1912 by a group of 25 men. In 1927 they would later combine with the Organ Club and the Pigeon Club to raise their membership to 130. Before 1912, Julius Bleyenberg would invite newly arriving immigrants into his basement to complete paperwork for government officials.

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St. Anthony Parish Raffle

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1915—December 25

The tombola (raffle) has been a favorite fundraiser since the very beginning of the parish. In 1915, a dime ($2.20 in today’s dollars) would give the raffle ticket holder a chance at winning $5.00 ($113.56 today). Other premiums (prizes) included: a rocking chair, a statue of St. Francis, a pair of ladies shoes, a nice cushion, a woodland watch, two yards of lace, a framed picture of the Blessed Virgin, a handmade lace collar for ladies, and a nice rug.

10th Anniversary of Belgian Club

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Altar Society Established

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Every parish at some point establishes organizations to assist with its various ministries and our own St. Anthony Parish was not any different. The first two organizations that were established were the Altar Society for the ladies (1921), and the Society of the Holy Name (1924) for the gentlemen in the parish.

Altar Society

A Ladies Altar Society was organized in 1921. The purpose of the Altar Society was mainly for the upkeep of all things relating to the celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at the altar. Throughout Father Kubelbeck’s tenure as a pastor, the Altar Society remained very active and helpful in seeing to it that the altar and its tabernacle was the most important place in Allouez while enhancing and suitably equipping it for God’s service.

When items were too worn and torn, they were burned, so that anything having been used in honoring our Lord would not be mistreated or trampled. The ladies also saw to it that the tabernacle canopeum was changed to the proper color related to the seasonal liturgical calendar. They were also responsible for keeping the white top altar cloth clean and unsoiled by changing it when needed, as well as, the corporals used at the altar to catch particles of the consecrated hosts and/or drops of wine. The altar cloths were treated with the utmost respect and reverence for they could contain the Body and Blood of Our Lord.

The first officers of the Altar Society were Mrs. J. Powels, president; Mrs. M.C. Williams, vice-president; Mrs. Frank Want, treasurer and Mrs. A.J. Pelletier, secretary.

In July 1924, the young ladies’ Sodality was organized under the title of the Immaculate Conception.

The First Bazaar in St. Anthony School Hall

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Fall 1925

Annual bazaars have been held in the parish from the beginning. In 1925, the bazaar was held for the first time in St. Anthony School Hall. The active workers cleared the sum of $2,000.

Card parties given by the men and ladies of the parish gave evidence of the co-operative spirit that existed among the parishioners.

The First Candy Sale

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Fall 1926

In November 1926 the children of St. Anthony School had their first candy sale for the benefit of the school. This proved to be a success and as a consequence others were held from time to time.

Silver Jubilee / Growth of Parish

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On August 22, 1939, the Saints Anthony and Margaret Parish began the celebration of its silver jubilee with a Pontifical mass by the Most Rev. Theo. H. Reverman. The sermon was delivered by the Rev. Francis Nowak. At noon a banquet was served at the school hall by the Ladies of the parish.

At this Mass, the parishioners gave thanks to Almighty God for His guidance and for the spiritual graces which were showered upon the parish in the last twenty-five years. They were consoled, too, that the sacrifices they made and the loyalty to their parish over the years had not been in vain.

The silver jubilee celebration was a grand start to the 1939-40 school year in which 20 students would graduate.