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Parish Growth Following the War

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A Family of Knights

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Pictured in 1947 during a Knights of Columbus blood drive are the Archambeault brothers and their father Patrick with a hospital staff member identified only as Sr.M. Veronica.

The Archambeaults are (from left):
Bernard, Lawrence, Patrick, Raymond, Napoleon, Bill and Jerry.

The Trip from Allouez to Itasca

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St. Anthony School and the steeple of the old church which was torn down in 1958 can be seen in the distance.

St. Anthony School and the steeple of the old church (which was torn down in 1958) can be seen in the distance.

In 1949 road construction for a modern two lane highway (which in later years would itself be replaced by four lanes) began on the stretch of road that connected Allouez and Itasca over Bluff Creek. The old bridge over the creek (which is shown in the picture above) was originally built for horse and foot traffic. It was later reinforced for automobiles. At the time, the Bluff Creek valley had three railroads running near it. The railroad in the foreground of the photo above (known to locals as the Omaha) went to the grain elevator. The one in the background went to the coal dock. Both have been torn down.

tworailroadsBetty Heytens recalls how as a young girl living in Itasca, she would ride her bike to St. Anthony & Margaret Catholic Church and to school over the old creek bridge up the hill. The DeBock family did not own a car at that time. The boys in the photo are Betty’s cousins.

First Communion in 1949

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Each May the students in the second grade would make their first communion (see 1949 photo; notice the two angels on each side of the altar. These are the same angels we have flanking the tabernacle in the church today).

The second graders would prepare for many weeks, memorizing prayers and practicing songs. Included in their preparation, of course, was how to receive the host on their tongues and swallow it without touching it with their teeth or scratching the roof of their mouth with their tongue. In order to present their best selves to Jesus, the students were also taught how to process in, keeping their hands folded.

Fr. Kubelbeck Honored with Title of Monsignor

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On April 11, 1951, a great honor came to Ss. Anthony and Margaret Parish and its zealous Pastor, when Father Kubelback was named a Right Reverend Monsignor by Pope Pius XII. Elevated to the rank of Protonotary Apostolic, he was invested by Bishop Albert G. Meyer.

One of the privileges of a Protonotary Apostolic, is that the Monsignor may, at certain times, celebrate Mass while wearing Potifical vestments. These included a white mitre, a ring and a pectoral Cross.

The ladies of the parish prepared the banquet for the visiting clergy and relatives of Monsignor Kubelbeck in the school hall.

Memories of the School

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The children had separate areas for outside recess time. The girls were out front in the field and the cinder covered street. The boys played out back in the baseball field. Before going back into the building, the students line ups on the stairway–single file–with no talking.

The school building and grounds were always very clean. The janitor’s name was Joe Laverdiere. He was well liked and respected by the students.

Brown paper covers were placed on all school books. At the end of the year the students would clean books with erasers and Q-tips soaked with bleach. Father Kubelbeck would come into each room to distribute report cards.

Giving and receiving Valentines was a big event. For several years the students were encouraged to exchange “holy cards” instead of commercial Valentine cards.

In 1948, the school plays in the gym were “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” and “Cinderella.”

The Five Sisters:
First Grade–Sister M. Carmel
Second Grade–Sister Victoria
Third/Fourth Grade–Sister Verena.
Fifth/Sixth Grade–Sister Coronata
Seventh/Eigth–Sister M. Amanda who loved to sing, play the piano/organ, drama, and baseball.

In 1953, the Home & School Association purchased a movie projector. With many parishioners still without television, Shirley Temple films were a special treat for students.

Five simple school rules that the students were expected to follow were: 1. Take turns. 2. Do not be proud. 3. Be kind. 4. Don’t waste. 5. Pray often.

The students memorized the poems of “The Village Blacksmith” and “In Flanders Fields.”

SOURCE: Superior Catholics

FSPA who Taught at St. Anthony (1945-1962)

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Sister Alice McMullin
2009 70th Jubilee
With a deep sense of gratitude I reflect on the past 70 years—years graced with God’s generous love, love and support from community, family and friends, and years of good health which enabled me to be of service to others in various ministries. I am especially grateful for my vocation to this community centered in the Eucharist, a community which fostered my professional and spiritual growth.

Adelinda Foreman, Carmel Berghauser, Antolene Woltering, Agnesette Basteyns, Carolese Eli

Adelinda Foreman, Felicitas Nester, Evangeline Bornback, Carmel Berghauser,
Leorita Mousel

Adelinda Foreman, Evangeline Bornback, Felicitas Nester, Carmel Berghauser,
Leorita Mousel

Adelinda Foreman, Evangeline Bornback, Felicitas Nester, Viatora Fath, Freda Rahe

Optata Fries, Neppmucene Hruska, Verena Koehler, Viatora Fath, Freda Rahe

Optata Fries, Neppmucene Hruska, Coronata Borte, Viatora Fath, Freda Rahe

Optata Fries, Neppmucene Hruska, Coronata Borte, Aloysene Rager, Philothea Berning

Amanda Blessing, Cornoata Borte, Josella Sobotta, Philothea Berning, Clarentia Retka

Amanda Blessing, Nicolette Kuehner, Philothea Berning, Louise Regine Addis

Amanda Blessing, Lucina Gerlemann, Nicolette Kuehner, Jean Paul Baumhover

Lucina Gerlemann, Johnetta McMullin, Elena Staiger, Valeria Grossbeir

Lucina Gerlemann, Clarita Krupka, Johnetta McMullin, Rosewyn Meyer, Luca Wertalka

Lucina Gerlemann, Clarita Krupka, Adelinda Foreman, Johnetta McMullin, Luca Wertalka

Johnetta McMullin, Joselia Sobotta, Adelinda Foreman, Ellen Burger, Luca Wertalka

Johnetta McMullin, Joselia Sobotta, Adelinda Foreman, Ellen Burger, Luca Wertalka

Johnetta McMullin, Joselia Sobotta, Adelinda Foreman, Ellen Burger

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