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The Fr. Schoone Years

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Fr. Schoone Appointed Pastor

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Father Raymond Schoone replaces Father Lynch in June 1986. Father Schoone who in addition to being pastor, was the Judicial Vicar of the Superior Diocese.

First Parish Pastoral Council Meeting

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The first meeting of St. Anthony Parish Pastoral Council was called to order with a prayer led by Father Schoone on January 19, 1988. All members were present: Mark Amys (Chair), Judy Kuehn (Vice-Chair), Debbie Dalbec (Secretary), Anna Mae Routh, Jean Mysters, Tom Flaherty, Sister Ardelle, and Tom Dzikonski.

Others present were: Jude Collins, Tim Kuehn, Jean Polescheck, Pat Remington, and Ruth Meys.

Father Schoone spoke about the role of the Pastoral Council pointing out that

“the Pastor is the proper shepherd assisted by lay members [who are to be] a supportive group to bear the burdens, prayers and joys [of the parish]–to encourage, to correct, to praise, affirm and advise, to help carry the responsibility of the parish.”

In the second meeting on February 16, 1988 the following committees were established:

  • Building & Grounds,
  • Out Reach,
  • Parish Activities,
  • Worship,
  • Religious Ed, and
  • Social Issues.

A Parish Finance Council was also set up.

Remodeling of Gathering Space

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In April 1988, the gathering space was remodeled to include a bathroom, a reconciliation room, and a vesting room for the priest.

VCR Stolen

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In 1989, A VCR which the parish had purchased for $450 was stolen. After paying a $250 deductible, the parish received some compensation from the insurance company.

75th Jubilee Mass

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St. Anthony Catholic Church celebrated its 75th Jubilee Mass with BIshop Raphael Fliss on September 24, 1989. Concelebrants: Fr. Raymond Schoone, Father Vincent Lynch, and Father Lee Flaherty. Deacon: Tim Kuehn. Servers: Jerry Meys, Joe Tomczak, Don Polecheck. (Photo: Deacon Tim Kuehn prepares to read the Gospel at the jubilee Mass. Behind him is Loren Mullikin, master of ceremonies and seminarian studying for the priesthood.)
Fr. Raymond Schoone, for the occasion of the diamond jubilee wrote,

“We remember all the people who have been a part of [our] history. They brought the faith to this community. They sacrificed to begin the church and the school. Through St. Anthony Church they sought to preserve the faith which they brought with them from their native country. Within the parish they found friendship and love and care. Through St. Anthony parish you have passed on your faith and values to new generations of children. On this occasion we give thanks for faith and for all the people of faith, both past and present. May we continue that tradition of faith and love as we answer the call of Jesus to follow him and to love one another.”

St. Anthony Fish Fry Begins

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Richard Nelson, left and Mark Amys
prepare the Alaskan pollack. (Click to enlarge)


During Fridays of Lent continuing to the present day, the St. Anthony Fish Fry serves both deep fried and baked Alaskan pollack, homemade coleslaw, green beans, baked or mashed potatoes, roll, desert, and beverage. Not only does the fish fry help pay bills, over the years it has helped bring parishioners together.

The fundraiser originated in the 1970’s when the Knights of Columbus sponsored the weekly Lenten meal at their dining facility.


Annette Minter, foreground assisting her mother Bernadette Amys
as they prepare mashed potatoes. (Click to enlarge)

Fish Fry Moved to St. Anthony

When the KC club closed in 1991, the fish fry moved to St. Anthony Church where Knights and Larry Archambeault served 80 people that first year.

In 1995, Larry turned the reigns over to his nephew
Mark (and Michael) Amys, and their six children (Elizabeth, Nicholas, Laura, Steven, Mary Beth, and Adam) who all attended Cathedral School. Mark’s mom, Bernadette, and sister Annette Minter, and aunt Adele Archambeault also contributed their time and skills in preparing the dinner. Each year the parish could also count on many volunteers who made the dinner a success.

By 2000 the parish was serving about 275 people a week. Mark and his family continued to the Fish Fry every year until 2012.

Over the years, the fish fry proved to be the major fundraiser of the parish. Revenue helped pay tuition subsidy for city children attending Cathedral School. Funds also paid for much needed exterior church remodeling.