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Sunday Mass–No Short Order for Allouez



What began as a small trickle before the founding of the parish, when the pastor of St. Francis, Fr. Eustace Vollmer, O.F.M. would come to Allouez at least twice a month (with residents reciprocating on intervening Sundays), would soon become 400-500 people a day crossing the bridge in order to connect with the street car line.

The two mile walk–not always an easy journey whether for the portly Fr. Eustace or Allouez’s residents who would often have to trudge through snow on their way to Sunday Mass. They received slight compensation from late spring to the end of summer (as white clover bloomed in wild profusion). The air was filled with a fragrance that made the walk delightful.

Until Ss. Anthony and Margaret school opened in 1925, Jay Dhooge (d. 2012) and other children of Allouez would walk across the timbers of the 4th Street bridge to attend St. Francis school. The wooden bridge would eventually be torn down and replaced by a concrete bridge on 2nd Street.


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Sunday Mass–No Short Order for Allouez

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