Death of Pope Pius X


1914—August 20

While the new church was being built, two events on the world stage impacted the lives of early parishioners. War broke out in Europe, and with it, Pope Pius X grew gravely ill, and suffered a massive heart attack on August 20, 1914. Many believed the war had shortened the Holy Father’s life.

Pius X was a pastoral pope who encouraged personal piety and daily communion, as well as, orthodox theology rejecting modernist interpretations of Catholic doctrine. His overriding concern was to renew all things in Christ. Pius X drafted a universal set of laws that was to be the 1917 Code of Canon Law (revised in 1983). It was published three years after his death.

Pius X was canonized in 1954. He has the distinction of being the first saint to have been photographed/filmed: An 8-second video clip of the Holy Father.