Parish Sacramental Life



The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was the soul and the heart of the parish. The 39 Catholic families of the parish, most of them Belgian, understood what an awesome privilege it was to watch their priest during the Mass when the heavens opened and multitudes of angels came to assist him. Three Franciscan saints also graced the altar: St. Anthony of Padua (donated by Mrs. Heytens), St. Margaret of Cortona, and St. Colette (donated by Peter DeCleene).

The first choir, organized immediately after the church was built, consisted of Joseph Snoeck, Con DeCleene, John Gotelaere, Napoleon Rotsaert, Napoleon Naeyert, Arthur de Clerck and Con Shears. Joseph Snoeck was director. The choir sang without accompaniment during Mass and the trombone was used at rehearsals. In 1916, a small organ was purchased and Miss lilah Sullivan became church organist.

The first person baptized in the new church was Francis Jospeh Janssens on October 18, 1914. On October 16, 1914, Joseph Maria, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Jacques, was buried from the new church. The first marriage, August 16, 1915, was that of Hubert Van Grinsven and Mary Lydia Davidson, a convert.

The Stations of the Cross were donated by the Franciscan Sisters of Bayfield and canonically erected on July 25, 1915. Mrs. Cole, with the help of eight donors, was instrumental in procuring the statue of the Infant of Prague: Mrs. Want, Mrs. VadenBerghe, Mrs. Powels, Mrs. Gotelaere, Mrs. Leeman, Mrs. Meys, and Mrs. Vergauwen.