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Fr. Kubelbeck Begins his Long Tenure



In July of 1918, the long tenure of Father William Kubelbeck as pastor began after Fr. Bertram (who was at Ss. Anthony and Margaret for only one year) was assigned to St. Mary Church in Rhinelander.

Fr. Kubelbeck was ordained on May 10, 1910, and before coming to Ss. Anthony and Margaret served in Merrill, Bruce, Turtle Lake and Amery. In 1915 he went to the Catholic University of America, Washington D.C. for post graduate work in canon law. He was born May 4, 1883 in Kaltenbach, Bohemia. He remained pastor of St. Anthony until his death on August 27, 1962.

As pastor of Ss. Anthony and Margaret, Fr. Kubelbeck cared for the spiritual and temporal needs of his parishioners for forty-four years. Father (who later would be given the title Monsignor) also held the position of chancellor of the diocese from 1923 to 1946. While Vicar General of the Diocese, he was the administrator of the diocese between the administrations of Bishop William P. O’Connor and Bishop Albert G. Meyer and between the administration of Bishop Joseph J. Annabring and Bishop George A. Hammes.