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The Mission of the School and its Teaching Sisters


Fall 1925

The Franciscan Sisters indeed had not only the vision, but the stamina, to fulfill the mission to which God had called them. Long before the writing of “mission statements” were popularized, Fr. Kubelbeck stated, “Ever mindful of [the Church’s] divine commission ‘Go teach all nations,’ she gathers her children around her, feeling that the “one thing necessary” is religion, not exclusive of others such as learning, ability and skill, [but as] the supreme coordination principle in education as it is in life.”

The pastor who was very pleased that his school “was modern in every way” also realized that the inspiration the children would draw from it for many generations would not be found in the building but in their teachers–religious women who dedicated their lives in the fostering of “a true Christian spirit that never grows old in the hearts of the faithful; a spirit which since the dawn of Christianity has inspired the Church.”