School Spirit



The school was filled to capacity with 180 pupils and two classrooms were remodeled to serve as living quarters for the Sisters.

The First Graduating Class

In 1928, the school had its first graduating class. Sixteen of eighteen received diplomas. Enrollment grew to 190.

The St. Aloysius Society

The St. Aloysius’ Society was organized in September 1928 to bring together the Altar boys regularly, to foster a true devotion to the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, and to encourage vocations among the boys of the parish.

School Basketball Team

In the spring of 1928 the St. Anthony Basketball team wond the silver trophy at the Interscholastic Basketball Tournament of Duluth and Superior. A banquet was served to honor the victors at which Msgr. Weber and four other clergy of the city were present.

School Enrollment Continues to Increase

Enrollment of the school numbered 209. At this time each of the five classrooms had 40 fixed desks. The seating room now being inadequate, 14 modern adjustable desks and chairs were purchased by the parish.