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Needed Renovations and Maintenance



In 1928-29 the indefatigable Father Kubelebek once again took up the task of beautifying the interior and exterior of the church, as well as, making needed expansions. The old carpet was replaced by a beautifully varnished floor. The heating system of the school was connected with the church at the same time.


During the fall of 1931 the outside of the church was painted a silver gray. In the school hall, a stage was also built. In 1931, a pipe organ was installed in the church.


In 1934, a new garage began to be built, and repairs were made to the school roof. Because of a broken pipe, a new water line had to be laid the school building in November, 1935. The church was shingled, painted, and again kalsomined during the summer of 1937. At this time the rectory, was also painted. In the Sister’s living quarters, a gas range replaced the coal range.