Emerging Technology: The Radio



Through the kindness and generosity of Father Kubelbeck the children and teachers had the privilege of enjoying every Friday an hour of music appreciation given by “The Nation’s Music Teacher,” Walter Damrosch, over the radio. Damrosch hosted “The Music Appreciation Hour,” a popular series of radio lectures on classic music aimed at students. The show was broadcast during school hours, and teachers were provided with textbooks and worksheets by the National Broadcasting Network (NBC).

The students were also privileged to listen to His Holiness Pope Pius XI’s first radio message to the whole world on February 12, 1931. Pope Pius XI concluded the first line of the discourse with these words,

“Listen, O Heavens, to that which I say; listen, O Earth, listen to the words which come from my mouth…Listen and hear, O Peoples of distant lands!” He continued, speaking in the voice of the Old Testament prophet, “To the City and to the World!” These words, of course, were said in Latin. Read More