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Children Out at Play on Wisconsin Point


  Children from Allouez and Itasca would be given special treat on a Sunday afternoon after Mass when mom would walk them across the frozen Allouez Bay during the winter to play on ice formations on Wisconsin Point. In the photo above, Erma Gaynor (Ron Gaynor’s Aunt) is with her son Dennis and Nephew Bill DeBock (Betty Heyten’s brother). In their teen years, the children would make the trek out to the point by themselves.

220px-Wisconsin_Point_Light_houseIn the background in the picture above, and at the right, is the Wisconsin Point lighthouse as it appeared in the 1940’s. (At left, is a view of the lighthouse today).

The Wisconsin Point lighthouse is located on the Superior Harbor entry breakwall. The St. Louis River which starts in Minnesota, flows into Superior Bay and exits into Lake Superior between Wisconsin and Minnesota Point.

In the summer time, the trip to the point was even more fun because everyone rowed across the bay. Moms and aunts would pick blueberries while the children played on the sand and swam near the shore. The next day, mom would make pies.

By the time the children were teens and they were on their own, they would take a motor boat all the way to the entry and even at times would congregate on the boardwalk to the lighthouse. As Betty Heytens describes, “We use to swim and just goof around, that just about it. Sometimes we would walk all the way out the light house. That’s what we did for our past time.”

In the 1950’s Monsignor Kubelbeck and Father Nowak would borrow a boat and oars from Joe Van Landschoot’s, and row across Allouez bay to Wisonsin Points themselves which only suggests that even priests need to have some time for recreation!