Memories of the School



The children had separate areas for outside recess time. The girls were out front in the field and the cinder covered street. The boys played out back in the baseball field. Before going back into the building, the students line ups on the stairway–single file–with no talking.

The school building and grounds were always very clean. The janitor’s name was Joe Laverdiere. He was well liked and respected by the students.

Brown paper covers were placed on all school books. At the end of the year the students would clean books with erasers and Q-tips soaked with bleach. Father Kubelbeck would come into each room to distribute report cards.

Giving and receiving Valentines was a big event. For several years the students were encouraged to exchange “holy cards” instead of commercial Valentine cards.

In 1948, the school plays in the gym were “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” and “Cinderella.”

The Five Sisters:
First Grade–Sister M. Carmel
Second Grade–Sister Victoria
Third/Fourth Grade–Sister Verena.
Fifth/Sixth Grade–Sister Coronata
Seventh/Eigth–Sister M. Amanda who loved to sing, play the piano/organ, drama, and baseball.

In 1953, the Home & School Association purchased a movie projector. With many parishioners still without television, Shirley Temple films were a special treat for students.

Five simple school rules that the students were expected to follow were: 1. Take turns. 2. Do not be proud. 3. Be kind. 4. Don’t waste. 5. Pray often.

The students memorized the poems of “The Village Blacksmith” and “In Flanders Fields.”

SOURCE: Superior Catholics