Renovation of the Rectory



The post World War II baby boom saw an increase in families with young children as parishioners at Ss. Anthony and Margaret. The Parish was growing so rapidly that in order for Father Kubelbeck to satisfactorily administer to the needs of 275 families, he needed an assistant priest to help him.

In order for the rectory to have suitable accommodations for priest assistants, and realizing that it required substantial repairs and modernization, Father Kubelbeck turned to the parish for support in undertaking the most extensive renovation project in St. Anthony and Margaret history to that date.

A living quarters for the new assistant was added, as well as, a new parish office. The entire rectory ended up being remodeled both inside and outside (e.g. brick veneer) at the cost of $22,000 ($210,000 in today’s dollars).

Improvements to the church’s interior and exterior were also made.