Assistant Pastors



In September 1950, Father Donn Tracy was appointed as first assistant. He is remembered by the school children as appearing on the playground with khaki pants and a white shirt–quite untraditional for the 1950’s. Within two years, however, Father Tracy would leave to study in Rome and then return to head the diocesan marriage tribunal and become the second editor of the diocesan newspaper from 1955-1963.

Father Leo Krynski talking to school children

Father Leo Krynski talking to school children

In July 1952, newly ordained Father Leo Krynski replaced Father Tracy. Father Krynski would leave St. Anthony in 1956 when he was appointed the first pastor of St. Robert Bellarmine parish (1956-1970). Father Krynski died on May 20, 2006 in his 53rd year of priesthood at the age of 79 at Mount View Care Center in Wausau.)

In 1956, Father Edward Theiler became assistant pastor. He later became diocesan superintendent of schools and served as pastor at St. William Parish in Pattison Park (1963-1970).

Msgr Kubelbeck and Fr Theiler at the rectory door 1957.

Msgr Kubelbeck and Fr Theiler at the rectory door 1957.

Fr. Harold Dodge was assistant pastor between 1959-1963. (Father Dodge died very suddenly in 1977. The FATHER HAROLD DODGE AWARD was established to commemorate his commitment to the church through the ministry of catechetics, and to honor those who share his zeal, his skills as a Christian educator, and his commitment to the Mission of the Diocese of Superior.)

After Fr. Dodge left the parish in 1963 to become vocations director and diocesan director of religious education, the parish had no more assistant pastors.

Other Priests who Lived in Rectory

Priests serving in the city as teachers at the Cathedral School lived at the rectory. These were Fr. Casmir Paul and Fr. William Speerstra. Fr. James Hoffman, as chancellor and secretary to Bishop Hammes, and Fr. Vincent Lynch, as assistant chancellor and secretary to the bishop, also made their residence at the parish.

For nine years, Father Leo Block, superintendent of St. Joseph Children’s home would also help out on Sundays and Holy Days. The children’s home operated until 1963 when foster home programs eliminated the need for such a facility.