Stations of the Cross / Stained Glass Windows



An interesting feature of the new church was its fourteen strip windows (seven on each side) which tower from the floor to the ceiling which add definition to the massive columns of brick. The windows are paneled in colored glass. Embedded in each of them are one of fourteen stations. The stations are very inconspicuous.

Money for the stations and windows was provided by the following people as memorials for living and deceased. If the date of death was before 1957 a family established a memorial for their deceased loved one. If the date of death was after 1957 the person/family contributed money as a living memorial.

  • I–Arie Bakker Family (1864-1954)
  • II–Edward Burlaga Family (1912-1993)
  • III–Edmund DeBock Family (1912-1998)
  • IV–Rt. Rev. Msgr. Leo Block (Dates Unknown)
  • V–Robert DeMol Family (1907-1986)
  • VI–Camiel Lippens Family (1886-1979)
  • VII–James A. O’Brien (1898-1959)
  • VIII–Emil & Amelia Ruthgeerts (1874-1938; 1874-1955))
  • IX–Leon Van Den Berghe Family (1907-1998)
  • X–Alphonse & Irene Heirman (Dates Unknown)
  • XI–Herbert Maas Family (Dates Unknown)
  • XII–Alois & Louise Smet (1877-1936; 1879-1935))
  • XIII–Helen Stichman (1918-2011)
  • XIV–Gaston Vergauwen Family (1907-1974)