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Priest Begins to Face People During Mass



In March 1968, the necessary changes were made to the altar to have Mass facing the people. The cost of the Tabernacle Base and relocation of the Main Altar was $972.00.


The tabernacle base and relocation of the altar were made possible by a $1,000 memorial which Edna Soderlund gave to the parish in memory of her husband, Edgar Soderlund.

In 1946, Edgar Soderlund bought a Supper Club located on 5221 East Fourth St. in Itasca and began serving a full course menu, earning a reputation of large portions for not so large money. He named the restaurant Eddie’s in 1954.

In the 1960’s, Eddie’s was given a facelift and an addition was added to the building to accommodate the increasing customer list. The interior of the restaurant had a clown motif. It was a popular hangout for people of the parish especially following football games on Sundays.

When Edgar died in 1968, the restaurant stayed in the family for a brief time until Mrs. Soderlund sold it to the Tefft family, who in turn, sold it in 1996 to Dina Conner in 1996.

SOURCE: A formula that works for a great dining experience (Supeior Telegram, April 2, 2011)