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Four Statues Placed on Wall of the Church



In March 1969, new statues were put up on the walls of the church to create a sense of uniformity and devotion. Fr. Nowak said,

“They are conspicuous by their presence (to remind us of our devotion to the Communion of Saints) yet they are meant to be inconspicuous by their location (not to distract from the Eucharistic Presence or the Sacrifice of the Mass).”

The four statues are:

  • The Blessed Virgin statue was donated by Mrs. Ed Snaider and Mary Lozon.
  • The St. Anthony statue was donated by the St. Anthony Altar Society.
  • The St. Joseph the Worker statue was donated in memory of N.P. Archambeault and Andrew Bendis (taken from funds in the Memorial Fund).
  • The Sacred Heart statue was donated by Leah Smet in memory of her husband Ed Smet.

New hymn number stands were also purchased.

  • One was donated in memory of Mr. And Mrs. Amede Buytaert.
  • The other in memory of Louise Van Landschoot.