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Closing of St. Anthony Grade School



Closing of Cathedral High School

By 1968 the financial burden of staffing and running a Catholic high school, as well as, five grade schools in the City of Superior was becoming increasingly difficult. An Interparochial Planning Board announced in November that Cathedral High School would close grades 10, 11, and 12 in the Spring of 1969. The Board also announced that it would be “working on a new centralized religious education program.” Meetings for all parishioners were held to explain the changes. The following year, a plan for a city-wide Cathedral Junior High program was set up.
Closing of St. Anthony Grade School

In April 1969 Fr. Nowak asked the parishioners to vote whether or not to close the school. Of the 116 parishioners who turned in ballots, 89 voted to close the school; 27 votes to keep it open. Shortly afterwards it was announced that St. Anthony school would close and graduate its last class of students. Other city Parishes (St. Louis, St. Patrick, St. Francis, and Cathedral) dropped grades 7-8 which under the new plan would be moved to the Cathedral Junior High (grades 7-9). This model did not last long as a conviction emerged that it was better to consolidate resources and form one Regional grade School.

Eventually all city parish schools closed to form one Catholic regional grade school at the Cathedral. This did not all happen all at the same time. Each parish had a different estimate (proportionate to their pastor’s imagination) of how best to achieve it and within what time frame–some with a more comprehensive vision than others.