Sale of the Convent



Home for Runaway Girls

The parish Convent was sold for $27,000 (170 thousand dollars in today’s money) to Catholic Charities which converted it into a home for runaway girls. The entire basement was ‘colorfully’ painted. Every wall, as well as the toilet seat, was painted with rainbows, suns and peace signs.


Private Residence

In 1975 the convent was sold to Allan and Betty Christianson who raised their three children in it (Rob, Eric and Diane) until 1991 when it was sold again.

Allan Christianson bought the convent on a sealed bid from Catholic Charities.

On the outside of the house, above the front door, there was (and still is) a raised cross that is built into the brick. Because of this, dozens of times in his childhood, Rob Christianson recalls, how the house was a magnet for people looking for food, lodging or money, thinking that the house was the rectory.

“It was a common enough occurrence that I didnt find it odd after a while,” says Rob. “We would always direct them to some place else that could help them, including the rectory attached to the church. On a handful of occassions, I remember seeing a homeless person sleeping on our lawn. So I would just use the other door of the house and let them rest, after a while they would finish their rest and move on.”

Here is another memory that Rob has of the house:

Many years ago, if a couple was getting married and they were not both Catholic, they couldn’t get married in a church. This led to a fun story from our childhood. My siblings and I attended Cathedral school and became best friends with Joe Parenteau. We had been friends for about 10 years with him when we were at this house having dinner. After dinner his mother Nora pulled out photo albums to reminisce. After a while, we got to the wedding photos and recognized the fireplace they got married in front of…it was the fireplace in our living room! What were the odds that our best friends parents had gotten married in our living room years before we lived there. The funny part of this was that his parents didn’t know that was our house until we saw the pictures, so it was a big coincidence.