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St. Anthony School Reunion



St. Anthony School (1925-1969) held an all school reunion on July 10-11, 1981. Graduates were able to renew old acquaintances. Their reminiscing left them with renewed memories of St. Anthony School. They gathered at Wessman Arena. Does anyone have pictures from this event?

Reunion Committee:
Chairman…………Lawrence Archambeault, Dr. James Soderlund
Secretary………..Margaret Potthier
Treasurer………..Tom Flaherty
Publicity………..Mary Dumonsau
Invitations………Jean Trianoski

Banquet and Reception:
Bernadette Amys, Joan Belch, Diane Benson, Tom & Evonne Belch, Ray & Joanne Beauto, Dave & Janice Gotelaere, Tom & Nancy Nollet, Beverly Doherty, Alice Glonek, Mary Ann Gotelaere, Margaret Higgins, Virginia Moore, Cecilia Ronchi, Jean Trianoski, Kathleen VanVynckt, Margaret Zowin, Lorraine Jaros

Fr. Pius Machalonis wrote the following for the July 12, 1981 Sunday bulletin:

To Fr. Leon Flaherty, CPPS., and all the alumni of St. Anthony Grade School, your relatives and friends. Together with you, the alumni, we thank God for giving you a start in life and in His kingdom that would be hard to match.

We hope and pray that this get-together revive and renew beautiful memories of classmates and school spirit. Above all, mayyou be renewed in your dedication to your precious Catholic faith in Christ, your love of His Church. May you be determined more than ever to live up to and spread His Kingdom of Love and Goodness in your family life and in your public life.

May the Lessons you learned in St. Anthony School and your contacts with each other be a source of the finest, Catholic living. May you be an example and an inspiration of Catholic living to anyone and everyone you meet in life.

In Accord with Today’s Gospel at Mass, we pray that the “seed” planted in your hearts by your parents and nurtured by your attendance at St. Anthony Catholic School, by the grace of God, bring forth in you “fruits of a hundredfold” of good thinking, fine living, and a happy journey through life. May you meet in the “mansions” of Heavenly life with Christ and your loved ones for all eternity.

God love you, one and all.
Father Pius, Pastor