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First Parish Pastoral Council Meeting



The first meeting of St. Anthony Parish Pastoral Council was called to order with a prayer led by Father Schoone on January 19, 1988. All members were present: Mark Amys (Chair), Judy Kuehn (Vice-Chair), Debbie Dalbec (Secretary), Anna Mae Routh, Jean Mysters, Tom Flaherty, Sister Ardelle, and Tom Dzikonski.

Others present were: Jude Collins, Tim Kuehn, Jean Polescheck, Pat Remington, and Ruth Meys.

Father Schoone spoke about the role of the Pastoral Council pointing out that

“the Pastor is the proper shepherd assisted by lay members [who are to be] a supportive group to bear the burdens, prayers and joys [of the parish]–to encourage, to correct, to praise, affirm and advise, to help carry the responsibility of the parish.”

In the second meeting on February 16, 1988 the following committees were established:

  • Building & Grounds,
  • Out Reach,
  • Parish Activities,
  • Worship,
  • Religious Ed, and
  • Social Issues.

A Parish Finance Council was also set up.