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75th Jubilee Mass



St. Anthony Catholic Church celebrated its 75th Jubilee Mass with BIshop Raphael Fliss on September 24, 1989. Concelebrants: Fr. Raymond Schoone, Father Vincent Lynch, and Father Lee Flaherty. Deacon: Tim Kuehn. Servers: Jerry Meys, Joe Tomczak, Don Polecheck. (Photo: Deacon Tim Kuehn prepares to read the Gospel at the jubilee Mass. Behind him is Loren Mullikin, master of ceremonies and seminarian studying for the priesthood.)
Fr. Raymond Schoone, for the occasion of the diamond jubilee wrote,

“We remember all the people who have been a part of [our] history. They brought the faith to this community. They sacrificed to begin the church and the school. Through St. Anthony Church they sought to preserve the faith which they brought with them from their native country. Within the parish they found friendship and love and care. Through St. Anthony parish you have passed on your faith and values to new generations of children. On this occasion we give thanks for faith and for all the people of faith, both past and present. May we continue that tradition of faith and love as we answer the call of Jesus to follow him and to love one another.”