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All Allouez Reunion Held at Belgium Club



In 2000, hundreds turned out at the Belgain Club in Superior’s Allouez neighborhood (many of whom were former parishioners of St. Anthony) to remember the place where they grew up, to see old friends and meet new ones. It was the neighborhood’s first reunion.

The memories flowed as yellowed newspaper clippings and dog-eared photographs were passed around. Conversation and laughter mingled across the old social club, created by 31 Belgians in 1912. The club was the heart of the Allouez community. Walls of old photographs and old class pictures from St. Anthony School sparked memories. “You forget so many of the people you knew, the people you went to school with,” said Bob LaPorte. He grew up in ALlouez from the late ’40s to the early 60’s.

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