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Sanctuary of Church Receives Makeover



The sanctuary of the church was remodeled at a cost of $18,962 ($24,585 in today’s dollars). The communion rails around the sanctuary were eliminated, the baldacchino canopy over the altar was taken down, a cross made from the material of the communion rail was supended over the altar replacing the canopy, the tabernacle was moved to the right side of the altar and was set in a niche that was created in the brick wall with lighting inside the top, the three-tiered altar platform (steps) was removed, and the altar was cut down to a serviceable size with the remaining granite pieces used for the ambo base and the presider’s chair. The wood of the chair seat and back were taken from the pews.

Blueprints of the wall were examined as to the best place where the niche would be located. However, the blueprints did not show the air exchange duct work. After a 4×9 area of bricks were taken out and the work crew began cutting into the wall, they were unable to continue, and had to patch up the wall. To this day, one can still see that unfortunate surprise.

The granite chair and ambo, thus, complemented the design elements of the altar and tabernacle providing an atmosphere of perpetual splendor and reverence in the sanctuary. Granite construction attests to the symbolic importance of these traditional furnishings, calling to mind the earliest altars which were also built of stone.

The insurance company recommended the removal of the three tiered (steps) altar platform located in the sanctuary based on the claims history of recent accidents. Among them was Sister Ardelle who fell backwards and hit her head on the tabernacle stand. Also, Bea Jubenville fell one year while helping put up Christmas decorations. Visiting priests who offered Mass also had difficulty going up and down steps. Another reason for the changes according to Father Dean Buttrick, at the time, was “to make the altar area more open to the participants so that they have a closer feeling in the celebration of the Mass.”

Other changes included: A new sound system, and a freestanding oak & fabric panel with a visual aid screen incorporated into the framework behind the altar in front of the doors to the sacristy.

Carl Anderson and others volunteered their time and labor to remodel the choir area. The old platform was torn out, and a new platform with everything on one level was installed with wiring for sound and electricity. Carpet was also laid down. Moveable mauve colored chairs with kneelers were also purchased. Prior to this were risers with stationary pews.

New parking spaces were added in front of the church out toward 2nd Street when the City of Superior widened the avenue. The city supplied the labor and equipment with the parish paying $2,815.50 for materials. Two handicap parking spaces were also added in front of church increasing the total number to four. The parking lot across the street was graded and refurbished.

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