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The New Springtime Plan



A Proposal to Cluster Parishes

A clustering plan (which was never initiated) was proposed by the Diocese that would have had St. Anthony clustered with St. Francis Xavier, Lake Nebagamon with Solon Springs, and the Cathedral with Holy Assumption and St. William. There was also discussion about how if need be the entire city could be served by one priest by 2010.

Parish Support

Moreover, in 2002, Fr. Dean Buttrick and the parish council (along with other parishes in the Diocese), were asked to deliberate on how best to implement the principles of Bishop Fliss’ New Springtime pastoral letter.

Members of the Parish Pastoral Council expressed that they were ready for the Catholic Church to allow priests to marry and some members even expressed a desire for women to be ordained. Realizing, though, that this was unlikely to happen, the council wanted to see the roles of the Deacon, as well as of lay ministers, be made more visible. Moreover, they stated that if the parish were to ever not have a resident priest, it would prefer a parish director and business manager with a supervising pastor nearby.

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