Candyland Bazaar



frbeeThe 2005 Candyland Bazaar was co-chaired by Shannon Olson and Karen Helenius and held on Sunday November 13 from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Volunteers who made this annual fundraiser event successful were:

Lollipop Forest Ticket Sales
Pat Wildenberg and Judy Kuehn

Bee Happy Honey Spot
Father Dean and Michelle Beauto

Gingerbread House Cookie Sale
Paula Carswell, Carol Buchanan, Mary Drobot and Audrey Worsley

The Noel Nook
Jan Gotelaere, Phyllis Flaherty, Kathleen Van Vynckt and Bev Lundgren

Silver & Gold Treasure Chest (Craft Sale)
Adele Archambeault and Jo Brady

Big Raffle
Karen Helenius

Candy Cane Cafe
Jane Moe, Carol Zowin and Dorothy Scott

Licorice Castle Roulette
Tom Flaherty, Keith Zowin and Greg Nollet

Toy Town Children’s Games
Angela Nollet, Alyson Helenius, Andrew Helenius and Lindsay Helenius

Chocolate River Raffle
Shannon Olson and Karen Helenius

Gumdrop Pass Cake Walk
Brenda Wiisanen and Shannon Olson

Cinnamon Snap Shot Pictures
Dana Olson

Spirit Seekers Christmas CD / History of Diocese of Superior
Anna Routh

Snowflake Sweet Shop (Bake Sale)
Bea Jubenville, Bonnie Pearson and Audrey Worsley

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