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New Glass Doors / Elevator Lift Repaired



Glass doors between the church nave and the gathering space were installed in 2006 “to provide an area for a cry room” (this was a donation by the Bernadette Amys family).

Elevator Lift Repaired

When the 14-year-old elevator lift stopped working, a representative from Arrow Lift spoke to the Pastoral Council on March 28, 2006 offering three options.

  • Repairing the Lift: $6,000
  • Replacing the chairlift/elevator: $29,000
  • Installing an elevator with automatic doors: $100,000

After the presentation, Father Dean led the group in prayer and asked the Lord for guidance in making the decision. After discussion, Darryl Helenius made a motion to repair the chairlift/elevator. Mike Kraft seconded this. All were in favor and the motion passed.

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